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➤  Mango Sauce :-

Mango Sauce | beerecipe

Required Ingredients :- (Mango Sauce )

  1. Mango  = 300g
  2. Sugar  = 50g
  3. Salt  = 1 Tea Spoons.
  4. Vinegar  = 3 Table Spoons
  5. Pepper powder  = 1 1/2 Tea Spoons.
  6. Crushed mustard  = 1 Table Spoons
  7. Corn oil  = 3 Table Spoons
  8. Extinguished hot water  = 6 Table Spoons

➨  How to prepare :

Wash the mangoes well and cut them into pieces , Combine all the above ingredients and blend.Then add corn oil to the prepared mixture and mix well.Once set to the desired size,enjoy the delicious Mango Sauce. 

With this recipe from ours you can make Mango Sauce at home very quickly , Also mango sauce as well as tomato sauce can be made very quickly at home to taste,The recipe for how to make tomato sauce easily is also posted on our web page.We have prepared for you the recipe for making this Mango Sauce that you can enjoy with any dish so that it is very clear and easy to understand.

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