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➤ Christmas pudding :-

Christmas pudding

Required Ingredients :-

  1. Raw bread powder  = 150g
  2. Sugar  = 100g
  3. Butter = 100g
  4. Chow Chow  = 50g
  5. Red cherry  = 50g
  6. Petha  = 50g
  7. Dried grapes  = 50g
  8. Dates  = 50g
  9. Cashew nuts  = 50g
  10. Sultana  = 50g
  11. The eggs  = 3
  12. Fragrance powder  = 1/2 table spoons.
  13. Vanilla  = 1/2 table spoons.
  14. Almond Essence  = 1/4 table spoons.
  15. Orange Essence  = 1/4 table spoons.
  16. Rose Essence  = 1/4 table spoons.

➨  How to prepare :

Cut all the fruit into small pieces.Add the eggs one by one to the butter and sugar and beat until the sugar dissolves.Finally add all the whipped butter to the mixture and mix well. If desired, put a little sugar on the stove and add to it. 

Then a good color is obtained. This mixture can be put in a small bowl, pressed and steamed, add vanilla sauce and eaten. 

Once prepared as needed, enjoy the delicious Christmas pudding. 

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