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➤ Chocolate mousse :-

Chocolate Mousse | beerecipe

Required Ingredients :

  1. Cooking chocolate  = 600 g
  2. Sugar  = 12050 g
  3. Butter  = 400 g
  4. Fresh cream  = 600 ml
  5. Gelatin  = 20 g
  6. Eggs  = 14
  7. Water  = 50 ml

  How to prepare :

Melt the chocolate and butter in a separate double boiler. Heat the sugar and water until slightly thickened.

Add a tablespoon of water to the gelatin and double boil. Put 10 eggs in a bowl, separate the yolks of 4 more eggs and mix well.

Beat the eggs well and add the pre-dissolved sugar mixture and beat well.Add the melted chocolate and butter to the mixture, add the fresh cream and gelatin, mix well and place in a bowl and refrigerate.

Once set to the desired size, enjoy the delicious chocolate mousse.

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