How To Make Best Tomato Sauce Top New 2022 | Bee Recipe


➤ Tomato Sauce :-

Tomato Sauce | Bee Recipe

  Required Ingredients :

  1. Tomatoes = 500g
  2. Sugar  = 250g
  3. Vinegar  = 1/2 Bottle
  4. Salt  = 2 Table Spoons.
  5. spicy peppers  = 1 Table Spoons.

➨  How to prepare :

Put hot water on the tomatoes , Leave it for a while and take a bowl and a spoon and mash the tomatoes well . Then add sugar and vinegar and mix well.Then put the prepared mixture on the stove on low heat for about an hour.
Then add salt and pepper to taste. Then remove the mixture from the oven and strain it. Place the prepared sauce mixture in a clean bowl. Once set to the desired size, enjoy the delicious Tomato Sauce. With this recipe from ours you can make tomato sauce at home very quickly , We have prepared for you the recipe for making this tomato sauce that you can enjoy with any dish so that it is very clear and easy to understand.

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